Who is My Neighbor?

Who is My Neighbor?

Class Overview

This course addresses fundamental questions regarding our social nature and our duties andLe obligations to one another. Through Scripture and classic works of the humanities, students will explore the relationship between the individual and society, the natural law, the family, the nature and limits of political authority, civic life, and the just society. Offered in the spring semester by Prof. Kirk.



Time & Location TBA (offered in spring semester).

This course is accredited through Benedictine College (as advanced college credit- GNST 2980) and transfers to KU as 3 general humanities credits (LA&S H). KU students will need to register with the IFC (see the button to the left) and then follow the instructions in the email you will receive to finalize registration.

Tuition and Fees for the three credit course are $600. Scholarships are available!