We have an open seat

Here at the IFC, everyone has a seat at the table. In addition to our courses-for-credit, we offer free one hour seminars during the week for students seeking to learn more about their faith and Catholic culture. Although they are designed for college students, they are open to the public and are accessible to people of all backgrounds and faiths.


life in christ: a walk through catholic social teaching

sundays @ 6:45pm w/Dr. Murray

Drawing on the third part of the Catechism, Dr. Murray will discuss the key aspects of Catholic Social Teaching. Using a socratic method, Dr. Murray will be debating (himself) on controversial issues to help the students understand every aspect of these important topics.


natural law: what is it and why do we need it?

tuesdays @ 6:00PM w/Prof. Kirk

By walking through the book, 50 Questions on the Natural Law, a very accessible overview by long-time Notre Dame law professor, Charles Rice, Prof. Kirk will introduce participants to the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas on the natural law, including how the natural law applies to contemporary controversial issues.


adulting: life lessons

thursdays @ 1:00pm w/Dr. Murray & Prof. Kirk

Come join Dr. Murray and Prof. Kirk for a wide-ranging, laid-back discussion on the trend of “adulting” and what it means for young people who desire to “give up childish ways” and seek human maturity. Topics will be drawn from the preferences of seminar participants, and may range from practical “how to” sessions on performing grown-up duties, such as money management, professional etiquette, or stocking a pantry (or a bar), to deeper reflection on broader themes, such as growing in moral virtue, being an effective communicator, practicing balanced self-care, living well in community, engaging in civil discourse about controversial topics, and more!