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Who Am I? | Who Is God? | Who Is My Neighbor? | How Should I Live?

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The Institute for Faith & Culture offers four three-credit-hour courses to university students. This course of study provides students with a foundational, core curriculum in the rich intellectual and moral tradition of the Catholic church and in what it means to truly flourish as human persons. In partnership with local Catholic colleges, these courses are accredited and are transferable to the University of Kansas.

The IFC core curriculum is based on four fundamental questions: Who is God? Who am I? Who is my neighbor? How should I live my life? Through this curriculum, we aim to strengthen the sense that Jesus Christ is a real person, that the Catholic faith is true, and that there is a truth about the reality of the human person, our life in communion with one another, and our place in the world. Our courses seek to provide this formation in an integrated, interdisciplinary manner, through Scripture and through classic works of philosophy, literature, drama, poetry and art.


Who Am I?

This course addresses fundamental questions regarding what it means to be human. Through Scripture and classic works of the humanities, students will explore the Christian vision of the human person with particular attention to the human experience in relation to embodiment, mortality, knowledge, virtue, complementarity, and transcendence. Offered in the fall semester by Prof. Kirk.


Who is God?

This course addresses fundamental questions such as: Who is God? How do we know him? Is faith against reason or science? In addition, it also studies the sources and principles that have guided the practice of the faith throughout the centuries while also examining contemporary issues and challenges. It serves the needs of those who seek more extensive knowledge of their faith as well as those who are not of the Catholic faith but desire more understanding. Offered in the fall semester by Dr. Murray.


Who is My Neighbor?

This course addresses fundamental questions regarding our social nature and our duties and obligations to one another. Through Scripture and classic works of the humanities, students will explore the relationship between the individual and society, the natural law, the family, the nature and limits of political authority, civic life, and the just society. Offered in the spring semester by Prof. Kirk.


How Should I Live?

This course studies fundamental questions of good and evil and human happiness by engaging the answers given by philosophers, saints, and ordinary men and women throughout human history. Students will learn how to analyze and judge between different theories, and to see their real implications by applying them to current issues. Special attention will be paid to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Catholic intellectual tradition as summarized in Veritatis Splendor. Offered in the spring semester by Dr. Murray.



Approximately two weeks after the completion of the course, students will be able to request an electronic transcript be sent to KU from the Registrar departments of Donnelly College or Benedictine College (depending on the course).



Once KU receives the electronic transcript, the credits will be applied to your KU account, just as if you were transferring credits from another community college. 

Note: The IFC is unable to initiative the transfer process due to privacy laws. The student must request the transfer. You may choose to wait to transfer the credits if you intend to take more courses with the IFC. It normally costs between 5-10 dollars to request an electronic transcript.

available Scholarships

Students seeking to take a course with the IFC, serve on the IFC Core Team, or lead an IFC student group are encouraged to review scholarship requirements, application details, deadlines and forms by clicking this button:

Thanks to the generosity of benefactors and alumni, the following IFC scholarships are available:

  • Sabatini Scholarships are available for students who take a three-credit-hour IFC course. $750 per semester ($600 goes toward course tuition; remaining $150 deposited in KU account for books & other expenses).

  • IFC Core Team Scholarships are available for students who serve in IFC leadership positions. IFC Core Team leaders meet weekly throughout the academic year and have individual responsibilities relevant to their positions. $1500/year.

  • St. Gianna Molla Scholarships are available for students who are pre-med or preparing for careers in the health sciences and who serve as officers for the undergraduate student group. $1500/year.

  • St. Lawrence Connects Scholarships are available for graduate students who serve as St. Lawrence Connects officers (a group which serves graduate students and young professionals). $1500/year.

  • St. Thomas More Society Scholarships are available for law students who serve as St. Thomas More Catholic Law Student society officers. $1500/year.


Students who complete successfully all four courses, participate in at least two seminars, attend one trip, and complete a capstone paper or project will receive the Institute for Faith and Culture Certificate.