The IFC (The Institute for Faith & Culture) exists to awaken wonder and to give students a reason for the hope that is within them. We do this by forming students in the rich, Catholic intellectual and moral tradition, by fostering an appreciation for beauty through exposure to nature, culture, and the arts, and by encouraging students to embrace the lifelong task of educating themselves for their vocations and personal flourishing. The IFC also serves the larger community at the University of Kansas by bringing the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth and beauty of the Catholic tradition into dialogue with others.



Has an invitation ever changed your life? Warm conversation and deep relationship - being truly fed in body and soul - begins with an invitation and we want you to know that you have a place at our table. Please come visit us at the St. Lawrence Center and try one of our seminars or other events! You have an open invitation!



For over a decade, the IFC has been dedicated to providing intellectual formation to university students in the rich intellectual and moral traditions of the Catholic church, helping students to understand and live their faith at a time when they are most at risk of abandoning it. Over 90% of Catholic college students attend non-Catholic colleges and universities, but there are only a handful of Catholic campus centers like the IFC that offer academic formation to complement secular studies, integrating faith, reason and culture. Here at the IFC, we do this through courses-for-credit, topical seminars, and the many other activities you will discover here on our website.



Conversation – the sort that happens around a lively family dinner table – is the lifeblood of the IFC. Our conversation begins in courses centered around fundamental questions, is shaped by theology, the great works of literature, and lived experience, and results in robust dialogue and a desire to draw others into community. Through the formation provided in our courses and other activities, we hope to inspire students to continue exploring and deepening this conversation throughout their lives.


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